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Klop car in LATH
They [Charlie Everett and Bel, Vadim's daughter] walked briskly toward their little Klop car, he half-overtaking her, already poking the air with his car key, on her left, on her right. (4.7)

Klop is Russian for "bug." In Dostoevski's Besy Shatov calls Pyotr Verkhovenski klop (a bug):

- Этот клоп, невежда, дуралей, не понимающий ничего в России! - злобно вскричал Шатов.
"He's a bug, an ignoramus, a buffoon, who understands nothing in Russia!" cried Shatov spitefully. (The Possessed, Part Two, Chapter One "The Night," VI)

In Chapter Four of The Gift Turgenev, Grigorovich and Tolstoy call Chernyshevski klopovonyayushchiy gospodin ("the bedbug-stinking gentleman").

Finally, Klop ("The Bug") is a satirical comedy (1929) by Mayakovski, VN's "late namesake."

Alexey Sklyarenko

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