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Re: Pushkin monument in LATH
A. Sklyarenko:Neither the Pushkin monument near which Vadim meets Dora (see below), nor the Tsarskoselski Statue of a rock-dwelling maiden who mourns her broken but still brimming jar (reproduced in one of my earlier posts) is made of stone (as suggested by Jansy Mello). The literary critic should note that "bronze" is not "marble" (as VN points out in his EO Commentary in connection with Nina Voronskoy, "that Cleopatra of the Neva").
Jansy Mello: Hello, Alexey. Thanks for correcting my point of departure qua monuments and for a reproduction of the Pushkin monument in LATH.

Sandy Klein: [ to the List] ... "thought you'd like to see it.Click here: http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/books/2013/08/hearing-voices-recorded-treasures-from-the-92nd-street-y.html"
Jansy Mello: There were various snippets that I had never watched before, such as V.Nabokov playing chess with Vera. Quite a treat.
His reading of "Lolita" in Russian was a surprise, too. It sounded so energetic, and I missed the mellow fluency of the "L" sequences - but my ears are untrained!..

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