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ray of sunshine in LATH
Tak, vdol' naklonnogo luchа
Ya vyshel iz paralichа.

Along a slanting ray, like this
I slipped out of paralysis. (7.3)

In his stream of consciousness Pralinski (the protagonist in Dostoevski's A Nasty Anecdote) recalls "people of paralysis and stagnation:"

Степан Никифорович умрёт — не поймёт. Ведь сказал же он: не выдержим. Да, но это вы, люди старые, люди паралича и косности, а я выдер-жу!
Stepan Nikiforovich would die before he understood it. Didn't he say: we won't hold out. Yes, but that's you old people, people of paralysis and stagnation, but I will hold out!

At the beginning of Dostoevski's Humiliated and Insulted its hero and narrator exclaims:

Удивительно, что может сделать один луч солнца с душой человека!
It is wonderful what one ray of sunshine can do with the soul of man! (Part One, chapter one)

After Pushkin's death Prince Odoevski called the poet solntse russkoy poezii ("the sun of Russian poetry"). Dostoevski is the author of the famous Pushkinskaya rech' (the speech at the unveiling of the Pushkin monument in Moscow in June, 1880). During his visit to Leningrad Vadim meets Dora (a friend of Vadim's daughter Bel) near the monument of Pushkin (5.2). A ray of Pushkin's sunshine penetrates LATH!

Alexey Sklyarenko

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