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The NABOKOVIAN: October 1 deadline for submitting notes
You are invited to submit items to the NOTES AND BRIEF COMMENTARIES section of the upcoming issue of the NABOKOVIAN.

Submissions, in English, should be forwarded to Priscilla Meyer at pmeyer@wesleyan.edu<mailto:pmeyer@wesleyan.edu>. E-mail submission preferred. If using a PC, please send attachments in .doc format; if by fax send to (860) 685-3465; if by mail, to Russian Department, 215 Fisk Hall, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT 06459. All contributors must be current members of the Nabokov Society. Deadlines are April 1 and October 1 respectively for the Spring and Fall issues. Notes may be sent, anonymously, to a reader for review. If accepted for publication, the piece may undergo some slight editorial alterations. References to Nabokov's English or Englished works should be made either to the first American (or British) edition or to the Vintage collected series. All Russian quotations must be transliterated and translated. Please observe the style (footnotes should be incorporated within the text, use American punctuation, single space after periods, include your signature: name, place) used in this section.

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