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Re: Pale Fire in Turkish
Dear Jansy,

“Feuilles-d’alarme” is on page 152 of the first Putnam and Weidenfeld & Nicholson editions. It can be found in Kinbote’s commentary to line 171.

In the Library of America edition it is on p. 546, and see Brian Boyd’s note on p. 896.

In the 2012 Penguin Classics on p. 142.

In the French translation by Raymond Girard et Maurice-Edgar Coindreau on p. 135, Feu Pâle (Gallimard 1965).

Contrary to your posting of October 5th, in my edition VN’s term has been retained by the French translators; so I am curious to know whether yours is a revised edition.*

In the Brazilian translation by Jorio Dauser e Sérgio Duarte on p. 116, Fogo Pálido (Círculo do Livro 1989).**

A. Bouazza

* JM: “In my translation of PF to the French I found "épouvantails de papier d'étain" (Feu Pâle, translated by Raymond Girard and Maurice-Edgar Coindreau, Gallimard, 1965).”

** A present from a friend.

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But I'm still confused with the "feuilles d'alarme" - I cannot locate it anywhere in my English editions of Pale Fire .How did the word arise in the first place?


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it is great with the big vanessa atalanta framing VN" head.

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Dear Nabokovians,

Attached is the cover design for the Turkish version of Pale Fire

to be published soon.


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