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Re: Pale Fire in Turkish
Jansy writes:

*Jansy Mello [**But I'm still confused with the "feuilles d'alarme" - I
cannot locate it anywhere in my English editions of Pale Fire .How did the
word arise in the first place?] *I followed A. Bouazza's indications
concerning the "feuilles d'alarme and found them, in CK note's to line 171
(in Everyman's Library, The Library of America and Gallimard's *Feu pâle.*
I had been looking for the word exclusively in the note that
also referenced the "volant en arrière" emblematic image ( CK note to line
408).. Unfortunately I won't be able to peruse the text of CK's note to
line ****171 in** which the "synesthetic clue" from the "antiphonal
glitters" seems to obvious and quite explicit (the "feuilles d'alarme"
had "glitter and rattle" improved, i.e: as expected, there's a blend
of light and sound) to compare what CK wrote about those tinfoil scares in
these two instances.******


Jerry Friedman: couldn't find this word in Google Books "except for uses
that seem to be later than PF and to refer to alarm systems for buildings"
I'm certain that this chronological aberrancy is important, just as its
two distant appearances in CK's notes in PF. I'm reviewing some of VN's
Russian lectures, and Tolstoy has come to my attention thru VN's markers.
Right now, Anna's death and the dream shea shared with Vronski, and VN's
exuberant comments about Tolstoy's chronology. As I pointed out while
quoting from CK to line 408, the report plays with time (The King and
Gradus, at tdifferent times, shared the same view of the vineyards with
its tinkle of stonemasons at work and the echoing "tinfoil scares" (later
we hear Shade's Clink.Clunk of tossed horse shoes) In Anna Karenin, VN
stresses Tolstoy gradual intimations of destiny using the sound of metal
clangors in train-stations and examines its distinct ressurgences in the
novel. In PF we have curious chronologies two, gradual intimations and the
sound of metallic things, there's even a dream...

The* feuilles d'alarm *are warning signals, right? And there is a diagonal
patch of light, the Red Admiral has a diagonal stripe, bend gules.. It
arises in CK to line 408 and, again, close to Shade's death and the
approach of Gradus. I remember he received a special tie as a gift from a
brother in law and he is wearing it: it has a diagonal stripe (if memory
isn't now deceiving me) and resembles the wings of a Vanessa butterfly. I'm
really sorry that I cannot stop and read more now, I must wait for a few
days before I can check this novel thread... A.Bouazza's tip has been most

Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
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