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Re: [Nabokov-L] - misidentification
Irena Ksiezopolska. Robert Roper, Mary Efremov and A. Bouazza wondered about a misidentification that's become unexplainably rather frequent in the media for the past months (I've seen an online blog substitute an incorrect photo with the cousin Nicolas for another photo, in a different pose, of the same Nicolas!).
AB summarizes the issue: "Once again Nicolas Nabokov is mistaken for Vladimir Nabokov. To me, the resemblance is very superficial and is further minimized by the prominent difference between their noses."

In 1964 VN replied to an interviewer: I have a fair inkling of my literary afterlife. I have sensed certain hints, I have felt the breeze of certain promises...With the Devil's connivance, I open a newspaper of 2063 and in some article on the books page I find: "Nobody reads Nabokov or Fulmerford today." Awful question: Who is this unfortunate Fulmerford?
It hasn't occurred to him (nor anyone else for that matter) that his literary fate might prosper behind a wrong mask! There are so many Nabokovs, perhaps one should practice to always mark the one we are quoting. Not N, not D, not E but V.N.

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