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Re: sources for this?

This seems to be of a summary of the genesis of Speak, Memory as expounded
in his introduction, see page 12 ff. (1st Putnam ed.)

In addition, Brian Boyd's VN: The American Years can be consulted for
further background details, p. 503ff.

A. Bouazza

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Subject: [NABOKV-L] sources for this?

Hello List,

I found the following on English wikipedia. No sources are given for this
excerpt. I wonder if someone can give the source to me, or else, tell me
whether this is correct or not :

The first "translation" was made because of Nabokov's feeling of
imperfection in the English version. Writing the book, he noted that he
needed to translate his own memories into English, and to spend a lot of
time explaining things that are well known in Russia; then he decided to
re-write the book once again, in his first native language, and after that
he made the final version, Speak, Memory.

Thank you

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