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Re: Taking Humbert and Quilty Singularly
Carolyn Kunin [to JM]: But I'm impressed that you suspected Humbert's innocence - it never occurred to me until just a few weeks ago, in relation to the accusation against Colette (de Juvenal).I;ve been re-reading Lolita since I wrote in - and I am more and more convinced that Humbert in fact is Lolita's biological father...I hope others will join us in this quest for the guilty party.

Jansy Mello: I needed you to say that HH might be "innocent," because my suspicions were hazy and not actually formulated (most of his adventures suggested instances of erotic fantasies migled with paranoia, idealization, wishful thinking ... and that's as far as I went).
Now you say that Humbert is Lolita's biological father? How come?

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