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Tatiana Ponomareva writes from the Nabokov Museum:

I checked a few available sources on Vengerov.
Nothing specific - he most probably died from illness and paleolithic
conditions of life in
Petrograd in 1920. Chukovsky mentions
him discussing "the formal menthod" with his Pushkin seminar students
even on his
The general explanation that comes to mind: we know Vengerov
as a staunch "narodnik", a
Chernyshevsky follower. "Literature is not just an art, it's a pulpit".
Also, Vengerov was known for the amazing quantity of his literary output.
So maybe VN imagined him writing on incessantly for a hundred years,
well into the decades of terror, outliving Stalin,
editing other encyclopedias, other huge collections, this time of
"socialist realism" writers?
Unless there was something specific he learned fom Yakovlev.

Tatiana Ponomareva

Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
Co-Editor, NABOKV-L

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