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Re: QUERY: "Wodnaggen" in PF
Dear Maurice,

Wod=wood; naggen=to irritate, to provoke, to 'nag' (see the description of
the 'woodcabin' in question). But 'wod'>Wodan.

See also this useful link (*nag* might be 'to abide' in Hebrew, but I think
the person in the link is confusing it with the Arabic *nakh* - which was
introduced in the English language by Richard F. Burton and which means 'to
(make) (a camel) kneel down'*).




*This is done by hitting it on the shins.

2013/11/13 NABOKV-L, English <nabokv-l@holycross.edu>

> Dear List,
> Neither Zimmer nor Boyd offered an annotation for the word "wodnaggen"
> in Pale Fire (note to lines 47-48). Has anybody come up with an explanation
> that I have missed.
> Thank you for your help.
> Maurice Couturier
> --
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