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Altered images and adverts in the internet
In a collection of google images related to Vladimir Nabokov I found the one that is reproduced below. There is an address "altered image@..." indicating that something in the image is amiss (the TW mug? the colored butterflies?).
However, curiously enough, what first struck me was the face. Was it altered, too?
The leather sandals and dark socks made me wonder about VN's favorite kinds of footwear. He describes women's feet and shoes but I cannot remember any similar treatment for his male characters.

Name That Author?
In honor of our "Got Fame?" issue, we've featured a number of famous writers in this edition of Talking E-News. Did you identify them all? Here's the key:

Nabokov with TW Mug © Donald Langosya.. Virginia Woolf: "Portrait of Virginia Woolf" by Roger Fry, circa 1917; public domain ("Distraction").
a.. Flannery O'Connor: detail from "Robie Macauley with Flannery O'Connor at the University of Iowa in 1947" by Cmacauley; Creative Commons license ("Writing and Faith").
a.. Ralph Ellison: "Ralph Ellison, Noted Author and Professor, " 1961, by U.S. Information Agency staff photographer; courtesy Library of Congress ("Call for Fiction").
a.. Vladimir Nabokov: altered image @ Donald Langosy; used by permission ("Name That Author?").


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