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Sighting & Quiz
To the List,

I'm sure I'm the only subscriber to the List who also subscribes to "The Weekly Standard," so I'm sure none of you will have read the review by Peter Tonguette (seriously) of the new biography of Norman Rockwell by Deborah Solomon. Other reviews have zeroed in on her "outing" of Rockwell as a longtime sufferer of mental illness, which mercifully doesn't even get a mention in this review.

What does get mentioned is the "heretofore unrecognized," according to Deborah Solomon, "connection between Norman Rockwell and Vladimir Nabokov". Since the two never met, what is the connection? There are two: NR misremembered the name of his dog ("we called her Lolito - Lolita" he told Edward R Murrow, though none of his family remember such a dog); and two -- well that's the quiz question.

What is the other connection between VN & NR?


p.s. Haven't thought of a prize yet - but I think I can think of something if someone does come up with the correct answer. It goes without saying that readers of "The Weekly Standard" are not allowed to play.

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