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C. Kunin: What does get mentioned is the "heretofore unrecognized," according to Deborah Solomon, "connection between Norman Rockwell and Vladimir Nabokov". Since the two never met, what is the connection? There are two: NR misremembered the name of his dog ("we called her Lolito - Lolita" he told Edward R Murrow, though none of his family remember such a dog); and two -- well that's the quiz question. What is the other connection between VN & NR?

Jansy Mello: Nabokov mentions Rockwell at least once, comparing him to Salvador Dali. I want to get a prize!!!!!!! There may be other references linked to "The Saturday Evening Post." whose covers were usually drawn by N.R. They were my first visual contact with "Americana," plus the weekly's adverts with little Lulu selling toilet paper (or roses sprouting cute baby faces), a green hero promoting canned peas and other lovely FOOD items printed in clear colors on satiny paper. (that's what I remember, I was three or four at the time)

I found the quote using the google:
Vladimir Nabokov: "Salvador Dali is really Norman Rockwell's twin brother kidnapped by Gypsies in babyhood."

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