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Kagan's Petropolis Press...how does it lin (and if) with ("Ada,
or Ardis") Pedro? Petersburg?
Nabokov's novel OTCHAIANIE. ["Despair"] was published in 1936 in Berlin by "Petropolis."
In Brian Boyd's "V.Nabokov, RY", on p.505:
"Throughtout 1939 the momentum of "The Gift" carried on almost undiminished. Nabokov had been delighted the previous October when Abram Kagan, who had run Petropolis Press in Berlin until Hitler squeezed him out, had agreed to publish "The Gift," including the unpublished chapter 4..." (but the story extends and, apparently, it didn't come out by Petropolis).
Also in RY we read, on p. 514, in relation to "The Enchanter": "Sovremennye Zapiski did not take it. Nabokov offered it to Abram Kagan of Petropolis Press - a story in the style of Boccaccio and Aretino, he described it - but the war had halted Petropolis's program, and in any case Nabokov himself befant to feel dissatisfied with his own work. It remained unpublished until ten years after his death."

Pedro must belong to the action that places ADA mostly in the American continents (from the tip of South America, to accidents in Central America and to the magnificence of Ardis and North America). I have only the haziest notion of Anti-Terra's geography (despite D.Zimmer's efficient maps).
I suppose that the family tree that innaugurates the novel doesn't disclose the ancestral birthplaces because they need to be resituated and repainted in a new version of the Western world. The L-disaster must have also caused a rift in ancient family trees...

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