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Re: certicle storms in Ada
Merry Christmas to you too, Jansy (a bit late). I don't know that Nabokov differentiated between Pasternak as a prose or poetry writer. I would be surprized, since I don't think his disparagements had anything to do with Pasternak's artistic abilities - unless he was envious, which I doubt he would have admitted to himself. If Mary Efremov is correct (and I have no idea where she got her ideas from) then it was a politically based hatred. Well, wait and see what the List can come up with. Perhaps Alexey has some information for us?


From: Jansy Mello <jansy.nabokv-L@AETERN.US>
Sent: Monday, December 23, 2013 2:45 PM
Subject: Re: [NABOKV-L] certicle storms in Ada

Just checking: Nabokov disparaged Pasternak's
novel Dr. Zhivago, sure. But he admired Pasternak's poems and respected him as a
poet, right?
Merry Christmas season to you all.
Jansy Mello
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>De: Alexey Sklyarenko
>Enviada em: domingo, 22 de dezembro de 2013 18:42
>Assunto: [NABOKV-L] certicle storms in Ada
>'What was that?' exclaimed Marina, whom certicle storms terrified even more than they did the Antiamberians of Ladore County.'Sheet lightning,' suggested Van.
>'If you ask me,' said Demon, turning on his chair to consider the billowing drapery, 'I'd guess it was a photographer's flash. After all, we have here a famous actress and a sensational acrobat.'
>Ada ran to the window. From under the anxious magnolias a white-faced boy flanked by two gaping handmaids stood aiming a camera at the harmless, gay family group. But it was only a nocturnal mirage, not unusual in July. Nobody was taking pictures except Perun, the unmentionable god of thunder. (1.38)

>In his poem Groza momental'naya navek ("The Thunderstorm Instantaneous Forever") included in Sestra moya zhizn' (My Sister Life) Pasternak, too, has grom (thunder) take pictures:

>Sto slepyashchikh fotografiy
>Noch'yu snyal na pamyat' grom.
>In memory [of summer] the thunder took at night
>a hundred blinding photographs.

>In his Vysokaya bolezn' ("The Sublime Disease") Pasternak compares Lenin's govorok (speech) to shorokh moln'i sharovoy (the rustle of a ball lightning).

>Certicle is an anagram of electric. On Antiterra (Earth's twin planet on which Ada is set) electricity is banned after the L disaster. L is Lenin's (and Lucette's, and Lolita's*) initial. Bliznets v tuchakh ("A Twin in the Thunderclouds," 1914) was Pasternak's first book of poetry. Bliznetsy ("The Twins," 1852) is a poem by Tyutchev

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