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Barrie Akin: "I’m sorry to be flippant about this, but it does seem odd that the ghost of Aunt Maud (who lived long enough, we know, to see Hazel born) should be so solicitous for the life of a sixty-one year old, but not for the life of his daughter - a vulnerable young woman in her early twenties...But that does rather cast Aunt Maud in a rather poor light – being prepared to permit the sacrifice of Hazel’s life in order to try to protect John’s.And in any event, it doesn’t answer the question as to whether Maud could ever affect a future event that she can foresee."

And it does seem odd too that the 2 ghosts (Hazel's and john's) should go to so much trouble to help and humour Kinbote but make not the least effort to comfort Sybil who has lost not only a husband but also her husband's last poem, in the creation of which she took such an interest!
Laurence hochard

Hello. This is my first post. I hope I'm not violating any protocols.

We don't know anything about any ghost's possible interactions with Sybil after John's death because that information is outside the scope of the narrative's seeming to emanate from Kinbote, with his simultaneously hilarious and tragic misreading of Sybil and her relationship with John.

A. Antonoff
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