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Re: {SIGHTING] Lolita cover and quote
The cover belongs to a Penguin paperback: Penguin Books Ltd (7 April 2011).
A cursory glance at Dieter Zimmer's invaluable site (
http://www.d-e-zimmer.de/CoveringLolita/LoCov.html) does not seem to
include this one.

I believe it is appropriate at this moment to draw attention to Penguin
Classics new hardback series (September 2012) of VN's books in 22 volumes.
Apart from "The Tragedy of Mister Morn" (together with Lolita: A Screenplay
in one volume), his other plays are unfortunately not included. The very
hefty but handsome volume of VN's Collected Stories is highly recommended,
as it collects all the stories which DN englished and published in various
journals (e.g. The Word, Natasha etc.).

A. Bouazza

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Subject: [NABOKV-L] {SIGHTING] Lolita cover and quote

Unfortunately, I haven't more information about the Lolita edition (below),
with the sweetly naif cover.

It reached me with a quote, a striking sentence due to the fundamental
addition of "at last sight" and "at ever and ever sight" . Reading it now,
in isolation, I realize that didn't grasp their meaning then, and at
present! Does HH foresee that he'll never see Lolita again, or that at the
time of his writing it he felt that his coronaries were already failing?
Does the emphatic "at ever and ever" suggest a childish whimsical mood to
American ears, as it does to me?

"It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight."
― Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita



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