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Re: {SIGHTING] Lolita cover and quote
A.Bouazza: "The cover belongs to a Penguin paperback: Penguin Books Ltd (7 April 2011). A cursory glance at Dieter Zimmer's invaluable site (http://www.d-e-zimmer.de/CoveringLolita/LoCov.html) does not seem to include this one.
I believe it is appropriate at this moment to draw attention to Penguin Classics new hardback series (September 2012) of VN's books in 22 volumes."

Jansy Mello: Thanks for the precise information about the "Lolita" cover!

D.Zimmer's site, if I'm not mistaken, doesn't intend to record all the VN covers.I deduce this from the fact that, when I sent him the four available Brazilian ones of "Lolita," he only chose one to reproduce in it. .

Your additional information about the new hardback edition of Penguin Classics solves a small mystery. For the first time, since I started to buy Nabokov novels in English, I recently found piles of soft-cover "Bend Sinister" being displayed on a regular book-store's shelf (I usually had to order Nabokov from abroad) and some copies of "The Eye".

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