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THOUGHT: "Ever and ever sight" in LOLITA
Didier Machu writes:

Dear List,

In connection with "love at ever and ever sight" I just wish to add
that Charlotte,
falling on her knees, acknowledges Humbert as “her ruler and her god”
(Vintage 91 / Penguin 102): “forever and ever” (68 / 75), says the letter
she writes after praying the Lord and asking Him for advice re
Humbert--while the latter availed himself of her being at church to say his
own mute prayer ("Let her stay, let her stay . . .") and prevent "any act
of God" (59 / 65) that would remove the golden load from his lap (a nice
example of Nabokov's art of the counterpoint).

[EDNOTE. I also thought that "ever and ever" might echo the end of the
Lord's Prayer, as recited in various Christian denominations: "forever and
ever." -- SES]

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