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[THOUGHTS] Translation of Hazel's jottings: CK's interference?
Suggestion of "Pale Fire"?
pada ata lane pad not ogo old wart alan ther tale feur far rant lant tal told
(CK, line 347 PF original)

"perperi perpira perpa alleral gelgal vortvirt pal feur farrant".
(CK, line 347 PF French R.Girard &Maurice E. Colindreau)

I know not enough French to check for correspondences, but I managed to spot a shared "not ogo" ("perpa alleral"), associated with variations that are suggestive of "father" ("pada" "pad" and "perperi perpira perpa")

I couldn't spot "wart alan ther" (atalanta), but there is "arrant" ("far rant lant" and "farrant") Arrant: does it mean deviating, unregenerate?

It seems that there is some sort of denunciation related to a "flower defiler" Who could he be, for he cannot be CK?

btw: Fleur de Fyler was Kinbote's Queen Disa's "pale lady in waiting" ("tale feur" and "pal feur").

What looms strange from this comparison is the whiff of Shade poem's tile ("Pale Fire") as found in the haunted barn warnings (pal feur: "pale fire" and "feu pâle"). Since the entire barn episode is only available to the reader from C.Kinbotes commentaries, any reference to Fleur from Hazel's jottings seems to be contrived.

There are occasional fires, related to Fleur (a glass factory and two shakespeare characters might have been implicated in it: Hamlet's Rosenkranz and Gildenstern, two innocent Danish tourists accused of arson), providing another hint towards the word "fire/feu") .

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