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Re: [THOUGHTS] Translation of Hazel's jottings: CK's
interference? Suggestion of "Pale Fire"?

PS to:
pada ata lane pad not ogo old wart alan ther tale feur far rant lant tal told
(CK, line 347 PF original)
"perperi perpira perpa alleral gelgal vortvirt pal feur farrant".
(CK, line 347 PF French R.Girard &Maurice E. Colindreau)

If Shakespeare's verses about the "moon as an arrant thief," and the emergence of "Pale Fire" in "pal feur" or "tale feur," wouldn't Aunt Maud's warnings be more intent on preserving the manuscript from the clutches of a "lunatic" Kinbote, than indicative of Shade's dangerous crossing of a lane?
Jansy Mello

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