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REMINDER/ CLARIFICATION: NOJ special issue on translation
Dear List,

Because a couple of them have come to me by mistake, please make sure to
send any queries about the NOJ issue on VN and translation directly to
associate editor Marijeta Bozovic at either of these addresses:


Good luck,


> Call for Papers
> The Nabokov Online Journal is pleased to announce a special volume on
international Nabokov scholarship in translation--to be published in 2013.
> We are looking for articles and reviews originally written or published
in languages other than English. We hope to bridge various branches of
Nabokov studies in dynamic and creative ways, to allow for a wider
dissemination of ideas and knowledge
> The Nabokov Online Journal will cover translation expenses into English.
A special editorial committee will make the final selection of articles
based on the following criteria: the quality of the original publication;
the interest of the subject matter; and in some cases, the availability of
> We encourage work in, but not limited to Arabic,
Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Chinese, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew,
Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and
> Please address inquiries, recommendations or submit articles directly to
Associate Editor Marijeta Bozovic
> mbozovic@colgate.edu
> www.nabokovonline.com
> --------------------------------------
> Marijeta Bozovic
> Assistant Professor
> Russian + Eurasian Studies
> Colgate University

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