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“sinful” performance “Lolita” has been cancelled in St. Petersburg ...



Performance of Lolita Cancelled In St. Petersburg
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From Komsomolskaya Pravda:

In St. Petersburg, the “sinful” performance “Lolita” has been cancelled
Money spent on tickets will be returned, the audience have been promised.

In St. Petersburg, the one-man show “Lolita”, based on the Vladimir Nabokov novel, has been cancelled.

“We are required to inform you of the cancellation of the show “Lolita” which was due to be shown on the 21st of October, for reasons beyond our control”, said the press office of the Erarta museum, where the show was planned.

It is reported that the decision to cancel was taken by the actor Leonid Mozgovoy and the show’s organisers.

“We were ready to put on the show and to guarantee the maximum safety for our visitors during its performance,” said the museum staff.

Note that not long ago, a letter was distributed in St. Petersburg demanding the cancellation of the show. The authors of the note, according to the paper were Cossacks and teachers of primary school children.

They accused the actor Leonid Mozgovoy, for example, of giving a positive impression of Hitler in a film by a “director, who is known for sodomist propaganda”. The insults were clearly addressed to the famous director Alexander Sokurov.

“The show, just like the publication of the book, and the advertising of such vile writings is a sin”, write the authors of the message. “We beg you to reconsider, and not to put on the provocative scenes, it simply cannot be, it is necessary, and we recommend that you do not work any more with those who organise such shows in your museum.”

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