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Allusions to Nabokov in CSI TV-series
While I was watching a CSI NY episode, I found a reference to crimes related to elder men who dated school-girls and met at a bar called Nabokov's. I checked in the internet for a quick reference.
Here it is:
www.csinewyorkfanwiki.com/forum/Episodes - Episodes CSI New York Episodes ... the track name in "2x06 - Youngblood"
where Danny & Lindsey are in club Nabokov.

During the search I realized there were other allusions to Nabokov in other episodes. As one in CSI Los Angeles:
www.tv.com/.../csi.../friends-and-lovers-3695/ -
"Grissom: "Let me tell you something Humbert..."
Said by Gil to Ethan the jimson tea drug seller, followed by more lines about him picking on and exploiting those much younger than him. Humbert
Humbert was the main character in Vladimir Nabokov's famously controversial novel Lolita about a much older man becoming sexually obsessed with a
twelve-year old girl. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Season 1, Episode 5: Friends ...

And, apparently, there's still another one, mentioning "the priceless moment when you're watching the triple CSI crossover and suddenly a wild Mark Sheppard appears and his character is a russian professor and he's talking about Nabokov (and other dirty things)and he's smoking."
www.tumblr.com/tagged/csi?before... -Press Release for CSI Season 12, episode 2: Tell-Tale Hearts. Read More
· #csi:s12 ...


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