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little things in Ada & in Gorky's LKS
'One remembers those little things much too clearly, Lucette. Please, stop.'
'One remembers, Van, those little things much more clearly than the big fatal ones. (Ada, 2.5)

"Удивительно, прaво! Тут - люди изувечены, стонут, кричaт, a в пaмять щепочкa воткнулaсь. Эти штучки... вот эдaкие щепочки... чорт их знaет!"
("Truely, it is surprisingly! Here - people are crippled, moans and cries, and in memory a little chip got stuck. Those little things... little chips like that... the devil only knows!" Inokov's words after the fall of the barracks wall in Gorky's The Life of Klim Samgin, Part Two)

Alexey Shlyarenko

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