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Ada's games and dramatic talents
'You know,' said Van, throwing the stick away, 'personally I think these are the most boring and stupid games anybody has ever invented, anywhere, any time, a.m. or p.m.' (Ada, 1.8)

'My teacher,' she [Ada] said, 'at the Drama School thinks I'm better in farces than in tragedy. If they only knew!' (Ibid., 1.31)

Вспоминал её кисленькой девчонкой, которая выдумывала скучные, странные игры, и думал:
"Как неестественно и подозрительно изменяются люди!"
(Samgin remembers Lyuba Somov as a slightly sour lass who invented boring, strange games and thinks: "How unnaturally and suspiciously people are changing!" The Life of Klim Samgin, Part Two)

Слушая рассказ девицы, он думал, что и по фигуре и по характеру она была бы на своём месте в водевиле, а не в драме.
(In Samgin's opinion, Lyuba Somov would be better in a musical comedy than in a drama. Ibid.)

Alexey Sklyarenko

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