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Re: {THOUGHTS] Nabokov's Botticelli
Gavriel Shapiro: "Jansy Mello erroneously attributes the sentence "In spite of being labeled a post-modern by a majority of analysts, Nabokov preferred the era of the Great Masters. Like Proust, he never erased from his interior canvas Botticelli, El Greco, Rembrandt, Jan Van Eyck..." to me, whereas it belongs to Daniel Piza and appears in his review of my book. On the other hand, for Botticelli-related references and allusions in Lolita, see The Sublime Artist's Studio, 46-47."

Jansy Mello: Thank you for the correction of my false attribution of Daniel Piza's sentence to you. Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of your book (One of my handicaps...) and I wonder if you could share the Botticelli-related allusions in "Lolita," with the List and me.
(The young critic Daniel Piza died last December from a cerebral hemorrage).

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