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Audio Interview with Dmitri Nabokov ...


Audio Interview with Dmitri Nabokov
about Vladimir Nabokov

In this 1986 interview with Don Swaim, Dmitri Nabokov speaks about his father, Vladimir Nabokov and his father's novels. The Enchanter, which was originally written in Russian, somewhat parallels the storyline of Vladimir Nabokov's later novel, Lolita. Dmitri Nabokov spent a great deal of time translating the work and also tells Don Swaim some things most people don't know about Vladimir Nabokov. Later in the interview, Swaim moves from the topic of Vladimir Nabokov to asking questions about Dmitri.

Listen to the Dmitri Nabokov interview with Don Swaim, October 14, 1986
(36 min. 07 sec.)

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