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Re: QUERY: Turati and "Avanti" in The Defense?

Daniele Fabbri:"Before they begin their great match game, Luzhin greets Turati with the good-humored cry of "Avanti" (meaning "Come on"). Filippo Turati
(1857-1932) was among the founding fathers of Italian Socialist Party. The Party's newspaper was called "Avanti!" (Forward!") A Nabokovian inside joke?"

Jansy Mello: What an interesting association related to Turati and the Socialist Party's newspaper. The words of incitement, in the first time that little Luzhin played chess with his father, were certainly a quote and they pointed to Pushkin and to defeat.
'Who taught you?' asked his father without lifting his head. 'I learned it at school,' replied Luzhin. 'Some of the boys could play.' 'Oh! Fine,' said his father, and added (quoting Pushkin's doomed duelist): 'Let's start, if you are willing.'

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