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neighbors of Ardis
The neighbors of Ardis (the estate of Daniel Veen, Van's and Ada's uncle, Lucette's father) include the Erminin twins, Dr Krolik (the local entomologist, Ada's teacher of natural history) and Praskovia de Prey, born Lanskoy. Their names can be traced back to Pushkin:

In a letter of about/not later than June 27, 1834, to his wife Pushkin informs Natalie that Mme Smirnov (the Empress's lady-in-waiting) gave birth to twins and calls Mr Smirnov krasnoglazyi krolik (a red-eyed rabbit):

Смирнова родила благополучно, и вообрази: двоих. Какова бабёнка, и каков красноглазый кролик Смирнов? — Первого ребёнка такого сделали, что не пролез, а теперь принуждены надвое разделить.

Erminia was a nickname of Pushkin's faithful friend E. M. Khitrovo (see one of my previous posts).

The owner of Trigorskoe, Praskovia Osipov (born Vindomski, in the first marriage Vulf) was a neighbor and friend of Pushkin, whose countryseat was Mikhaylovskoe (in the Province of Pskov). Lanskoy was the name of Pushkin's widow in the second marriage.

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