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ANNC: Winners of NOJ student essay competition
[EDNOTE. Yuri Leving, editor of the Nabokov Online Journal, sends the
following announcement. Congratulations to the winners! SES.]

Dear NABOKV-L subscribers,

It gives us great pleasure to announce the results of an international
Student Essay competition on Vladimir Nabokov organized by the
“Nabokov Online Journal.”

The 2012 international panel of judges consisted of three established
Nabokov scholars, Professors Julian W. Connolly, Siggy Frank, and
Barry P. Scherr, who have read the blind copies of all the
submissions. Competitors proved to be exceptionally strong this year
and it was a tough job to make the final selection. Therefore, we
decided to split the second place between two excellent candidates.

Trevor Jackson (University of California at Merced)
“A Proofreader, Not a Poet: Recursive Reading in Transparent Things”

AWARD: US $300 and a copy of Brian Boyd’s book which was chosen last
year as the winner in the category “Best Scholarly Contribution in the
Area of Nabokov Studies,” with the author’s autograph.


Ashley Yoonji Park (Rutgers University)
“Vladimir Nabokov: A Painter in Prose”

Anna Pilińska (University of Wroclaw, Poland)
“Lolita: Between Adaptation and Interpretation. From Nabokov’s Novel
and Screenplay to Kubrick’s Film”

AWARD: Each of the runner-ups will receive a gift set of three latest
books in the area of Nabokov Studies, autographed by the authors.

SPECIAL JURY MENTION and a signed copy of “The Goalkeeper: The Nabokov
Almanac” goes to Kaylee Schofield (Messiah College) for her submission
titled “Sybil’s Shades: A Variation on the Internal Authorship

On behalf of the editorial board of the “Nabokov Online Journal” I
wish to congratulate the winners with their scholarly achievements.

We invite new submissions and stay tuned for the next volume of NOJ!

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