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I won’t be abke to access any printed book by Nabokov for some time and I wanted to clarify an issue. I just found news online about a lecture on Chekov that has been posthumously published in the early eighties. There is no reference, in the article that discusses it, to the collection of VN’s Lectures on Russian Literature, but I’m almost certain it is to be found therein. but with a margin of doubt that lets me wonder if it indicates an independent publication. Can anyone confirm it?

“ Anton Chekhov's quiet and subtle humor pervades the grayness of the lives he creates. For the Russian philosophical or social-minded critic he was the unique exponent of a unique Russian type of character. It is rather difficult for me to explain what that type was or is, because it is all so linked up with the general psychological and social history of the Russian nineteenth century. It is not quite exact to say that Chekhov dealt in charming and ineffectual people...”
Vladimir Nabokov on Chekhov - - The Atlantic
www.theatlantic.com/.../08/...nabokov.../304127/ -

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