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Re: Lord Byron's Hock
Re: [NABOKV-L] Lord Byron's HockStan Kelly: I suspect VN may also be punning on the slang meaning of 'hock' = 'pawn.'[ ] Later your goods are REDEEMED = returned to you...There are fanciful ditties where the object being pawned is one's heart or dream. VN's 'Our Lady's Tears' falls into this category.[AS's quote: 'Ah!' said Demon, tasting Lord Byron's Hock. 'This redeems Our Lady's Tears.' (Ada, 1.38)]

Jansy Mello: When I mentioned VN's "multilingual puns" (Beauchamp/Campbell) I may have used the term incorrectly. They are wordplays, but I don't know how to categorize them (not homonymy, not paronymy). Stan's explanation about hock=pawn and goods redeemed plays with polysemy. Nabokov's pairings of words in two languages (even when, as it seems, he loosely paired Turvalski and Waltzaway) belong to any special category among the word-games?

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