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Re: Pnin's own Vladimir?
mira belochkin hides a piece of the squirrel motif, and mire is likely a diminutive from a longer name, it was a tender love he cherished his whole life.

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To the List Members,

I think perhaps Pnin is my favorite Nabokov - character and novel. Deceptively simple, devious and beautiful. Victor is a close second. Perhaps being female, I prefer masculine characters.

That having been said, let me also say that the relationship between Pnin and Miss Belkina (her first name escapes me) may very well be similar to that between Vladimir and Vera. Although you wouldn't think so.

That aside, I recently acquired Nabokov's own copy of Pnin - at least that is what it appears to me to be. The inscription reads:

Vladimir Nabokov
March 1957
Simpson Hall

Is there a Simpson Hall at Waindell, I mean, Wellesley?


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