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Re: QUERY: Numerology in Pale Fire

Adam Krosnick: Does anyone know a good source for numerology in Nabokov?

Jansy Mello: In "Strong Opinions" ( 1971, interview with Alden Whitman) we find Nabokov's own admission and perspective related to coincidences and superstitions: "I am subject to the embarrassing qualms of superstition: a number, a dream, a coincidence can affect roe obsessively-- though not in the sense of absurd fears but as fabulous (and on the whole rather bracing) scientific enigmas incapable of being stated, let alone solved."
I looked for a report about Nabokov's sister Elena, in The Nabokovian, because I thought she was interested in numerology. My recollection proved to be wrong :she enjoyed scrabble and admired Nabokov's "logomancy." G. Barabtarlo's "A view of a room" (The Nabokovian, Fall 2000, number 45) is worth a read, though. . .

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