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Maxim Shrayer [in reply to Carolyn Kunin's question about the name "Mira"]:: "I discuss some of the questions you've raised in the publications below (I'm only listing the ones you can read online).Mira, of course, comes from the Hebrew Myriam מִרְים




Jansy Mello: Thanks for sharing your special articles with the List. I'm looking forward to reading C. K's commentaries!
I noticed a particular "latinization" in your choice of words that echoed the quote you selected from Nabokov's "Perfection." [ "she suffered a miscarriage and died the next night, deliring and praying"], namely, the verb "delirar". Could you inform me a little about it? At first I got the familiar feeling that the words were in Portuguese (we say "concorda", "valoriza", "sentimentos", "comemora" and "perip?cia" - the last one, in Portuguese, doesn't suggest the wandering peripatetic motion implied in your sentence,though).
quoting you: 1. "concords with the general sense"; 2. "all encompassing Russianness that Ivanov himself valorizes in the story"; 3. "thoughts, sentiments, images"; 4."falls in July or August and commemorates the destruction of.." ( Saving Jewish-Russian Emigr?s, 2010) and "faced with the peripeties of exile" (Jewish questions on Nabokov's art and life).
I thought that this kind of wording indicated a French influence in Nabokov's style but now you made me doubt my conclusion. It might be a typically Russian choice? .

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