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Re: Percy de Prey
C. Kunin: I'm sure it has been noted before, but Alexey's reference to the "same group of townsmen" as referring to the 12 apostles reminds me that the opening of Ada makes several references to specifically Christian (New Testament) places and people. I've never heard anyone discuss this - or, as is quite possible, perhaps I issed it. [But Alexey, isn't the sacrifice more likely the Christ than the Judas?]
Jansy Mello: Without returning to the text to check it (I’m away from my library and PC), I’ll add one observation about the initial chapters of ADA, based on an image that I can still recall. It is associated to Christian themes. I’m sure Carolyn will enjoy that instigation since it seems to indicate not only an old medieval legend, but also Wagner’s opera “Tannhauser.” It’s related to a penitential blossoming elm (some wordplay dealing with about Saint Elm? )

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