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Desultory query: Humbert Humbert's appositives
While I was going through "Lolita" ( searching for references to ombre, hombre, umber) my attention was called to the list of appositives used to qualify Humbert Humbert, like those adjectives that are appended to the names of heroes, knights, royalty (one third begin with the letter H). Their appearance in the text is not regular (it's to be found mainly in the first chapters and I didn't check to see if related to the diary he kept)

Does anyone know about any article related to this subject that could send us a reference or link?

Humbert, the Terrible and Humbert, the Small
Humbert, le Bel

Humbert, the Hoarse

Humbert, the Wounded Spider

Humbert, the Humble

Humbert, the Hummer

Humbert, the Hound

Humbert, the Cubus

Humbert, the popular butcher

PS: I hope I got the correct word for "appositive"

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