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Re: Habemus Papa
St Francis, you are correct, began the Franciscan order (poverty and silence too
I believe, and those long brown robes tied at the waist with a rope).

Francis-Xavier was one of Loyola's first followers, hence an early Jesuit. F-X
spent most of his years as a missionary in Asia and died in China, I believe.

When the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires was elected Pope, speculation was
that, since he was a Jesuit and known to be a particular pastor to the poor of
Argentina, he may have had both St Francis and Francis-Xavier in mind in
choosing the name of Francis. He has since clarified that it was the saint and
not the jesuit he had in mind.

Jesuits, by the way, or known as soldiers and scholars - mostly the latter these
days and the new pope was a professor of mathematics at one time.


From: Jansy <jansy@AETERN.US>
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Heavens, St. Francis was not a Jesuit. If I'm not mistaken, he didn't even
submit to Rome, but kept an independent order.
Jansy Mello

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De: Carolyn Kunin
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>Assunto: [NABOKV-L] Habemus Papa
>Pope Francis I - and a Jesuit. One might call VN jesuitical (and I'm sure his
>friend Wilson, whose wife Mary McCarthy was extremely Catholic, was tempted
>to call him just that). Then there is Charles I of Zembla, with his middle
>name Xavier to John Shade's Francis, referring to one of the first Jesuits.*
> This is another clue that Kinbote and Shade are in fact one person.
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