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Re: Pale Fire QUERY - Line 992
Not far-fetched at all, but perhaps the whole point? Shade also describes his childhood tin wheelbarrow in Canto I (l. 144) which reappears ("empty barrow," l. 999) before his death in Canto IV.

Aunt Maud painted "images of doom" (l.89).

By association with the "Erlkonig," the horseshoe clink clunk is a motif of doom that Shade has earlier connected to Hazel's death (Canto 3, ll. 662-4) that Kinbote later connects to his escape from Zembla.


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There may be yet another interpretation of line 992: Kinbote, in his commentary to the previous line, says that Shade was "hampered in his movements" as he descended the steps of the porch, and he "relieved" him of his manuscript to help him. After the shooting, he acts as if he were a drunk. Yet,it would mean that Shade, when writing this line, was foreshadowing his forthcoming situation, a little far-fetched, I grant it. We probably miss something. I am tempted to make allowance for this possible interpretation in my revision of the translation for the Pléiade edition.

Maurice Couturier

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