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Re: New Pale Fire study
Congratulations. I am currently translating Pale Fire into Turkish and
curiously looking forward to reading your book.

Yigit Yavuz

2013/3/19 René Alladaye <rene.alladaye@gmail.com>

> Many thanks to Susan Elizabeth Sweeney for her kind reply. I realize my
> previous message, announcing the publication of *The Darker Shades of *Pale
> Fire, *An Investigation into a Literary Mystery* (Paris : Michel
> Houdiard), did not include the back cover text and table of contents. I
> thought they might be useful.****
> René Alladaye****
> Half a century after its publication, *Pale Fire*, one of Vladimir
> Nabokov’s most brilliant achievements, remains a literary mystery. Despite
> the richness of its critical history and the ingenuity of two generations
> of readers, the ongoing debate about its narrative structure and the
> identity of its narrator(s) still has not reached a definitive conclusion.
> This study chronicles the major stages of the novel’s reception, from Mary
> McCarthy’s groundbreaking review to Brian Boyd’s striking metaphysical
> interpretation, and offers a critical assessment of the various theories
> put forward to account for the text’s intricacies. This systematic
> analysis, which follows in the footsteps of Pierre Bayard and combines the
> methods of “detective criticism” with the use of the basic tools provided
> by narratology, leads to the refutation of a number of views and approaches
> to the novel, and induces a new exegesis resting on the central role played
> by a famous painting. The re-examination of the* Pale Fire* case
> generates a surprising solution to the novel’s puzzle.
> Table of Contents****
> Introduction: In Defence of the “Arrogant Commentator”****
> Chapter 1: A “Genetic Monster” or a “New Mutation”****
> Chapter 2: *Pale Fire*, a User’s Manual****
> Chapter 3: “A Bolt from the Blue”: The Mother of all Readings****
> Chapter 4: Coincidences – The Sole Author Approach****
> Chapter 5: Are You a Shadean, a Kinbotean or a Botkinian?****
> Chapter 6: How to Refute a Solid Line****
> Chapter 7: Nabokovian Metaphysics****
> Chapter 8: *Pale Fire *as Anamorphosis****
> Chapter 9: The Darker Shades of *Pale Fire*: Looking for the Novel’s Dead
> Centre****
> Conclusion: Solving *Pale Fire*?****
> ** **
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*Yiğit Yavuz*

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