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Re: Boyd's Stalking Nabokov available
Dear all,

My Stalking Nabokov: Selected Essays (Columbia) is now available, although the official publication date is not until November 8. Columbia tells me:

The webpage is

although there's more info on Amazon.

Anyone in North America who uses the promo code “STABO” to buy the book from the Columbia site will receive a 30% discount off the price of the book.

Anyone in Australia or New Zealand who buys through the local distributor will receive a 15% discount:

Purchasers will need to enter the code SN1011 when they check out after they have finished shopping on our website.

There will be sample pages (Contents, Intro, and the first (short) talk, A Centennial Toast, which has an interesting anecdote that will certainly go in a future second edition of the biography) on, as I understand it, the Columbia website, and perhaps also on Amazon, but this may not happen until Monday or Tuesday.

Enjoy, I hope!

Brian Boyd

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