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Re: 8 New Nabokov's Blues Species Named
Discoveries of new Nabokov's blues continue; the eight new southern South American species are from work by Benyamini, Balint and myself since our earlier publications.  Benyamini and Balint did not use any Nabokovian names this time around; they named species after pioneer Chilean-related scientists.   A few are known from single specimens, again pointing the rarity (or seldom-collected) nature of these bugs.  Along with the big surprise in the 2011 DNA sequencing verification of Nabokov's Beringian origin theories, the sheer number of species in the groups he named generically continues to amaze.  Probably only about 10% of the now known species were represented in Nabokov's 1940's available museum samples.  Really notable!  It is also possible that without the revival of scientific interest in Nabokov's blues in the 1980's and 90's many of these species would have never been pursued, studied and named, and the size of this large southern South
American fauna still would be mostly unknown.

Just published by the Hungarian Museum of Natural History:

Volume 103 Budapest, 2011 pp. 261–280

Descriptions of eight new Pseudolucia species from Chile
(Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae: Polyommatinae)

Benyamini, D and Z. Balint

Eight species of Pseudolucia NABOKOV, 1945 from Chile are described, five
from the P. andina species group (P. barrigai sp. n. from Maule Region, P. faundezi sp. n.
from Araucania Region, P. johnsoni sp. n. from Bio Bio Region, P. luzmaria sp. n. from
Coquimbo Region, and P. munozae sp. n. from Maule Region), one from the P. collina species group (P. zoellneri sp. n. from Maule Region), and two from the P. plumbea species group (P. sigal sp. n. from Coquimbo Region and P. valentina sp. n. from Maule Region).  Data on biology and distribution of the species described are provided, with additional notes on nomenclature and taxonomy. A list of all known Pseudolucia species with basic information on their distributions is also given. With 23 figures.

Dr. Kurt Johnson

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