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The Lectures
Dear List,

I am reviewing a Danish book *Ulven kommer *(Gyldendal 2016), a translation
by Henrik G. Poulsen of miscellaneous texts by Nabokov, mostly picked from
the *Lectures* and *Strong Opinions*.

What bothers me are the essays Poulsen translated from *Lectures on
Literature* and *Lectures on Russian Literature*. In a note in *Vladimir
Nabokov: The American Years*, Boyd writes: “The lectures as edited for
publication contain many puzzling omissions, misreadings, spurious
improvements and even sheer editorial inventions.” And I recall that
Vladimir E. Alexandrov, in *Nabokov’s Otherworld* (which I don't have near
at hand), found the missing two pages from the essay *The Art of Literature
and Commonsense *– the two pages turned out to be a sentence.

So I have two questions:

1. Can anyone enlighten me regarding the missing two pages?

2. If they as poorly edited as Boyd writes, how do we as scholars use the
*Lectures* in a responsible fashion?

Best Wishes, Ole Nyegaard, Aarhus, Denmark.

Ole Nyegaard
Henrik Hertz Vej 39
8230 Åbyhøj
e-mail: conyegaard@gmail.com
Mobil: 2573 1165

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