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Re: Quiz! Firebird -- Apollo
The answer is presumably Diaghilev.

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In a message dated 18/06/2012 20:16:16 GMT Daylight Time, jansy@AETERN.US

Carolyn Kunin sends the following reference to various works, some of
which VN alludes to in his fiction:A challenge to the list (this is a quiz, and
there will be a prize, or surprise*) - Identify the person responsible for
the existence of the following important, nay defining pieces of 20th
century music:The Firebird Petrushka Pulcinello Les noces Apollo Весна
* treat, or trick? ** Le sacre du printemps (btw - does anyone know - I
don't, but will try to find out - why it isn't Les sacres du printemps?

Jansy Mello: If the "surprize" is of the treat or trick kind, I'm sure the
answer CK expects cannot simply indicate Igor Stravinski.
So, I did a little googling, but I don't think I reached anything that
particularly relates to CK's line of inquiry. Most of Carolyn's questions and
information are way beyond my grasp of music and European culture.

Items by Google:

Vladimir Nabokov is the influential Russian-American writer best known for
Lolita (1955) and Pale Fire (1962). Lolita is widely regarded as one of
the most important novels of the 20th Century. Vladimir Nabokov was an
Eastern Orthodox Christian; specifically, he was Russian Orthodox. For nearly two
centuries now, Switzerland - particularly along the shores of Lake Geneva
- has been home to many Orthodox Christians, predominantly Russian. Igor
Stravinsky and Vladimir Nabokov are but two of the distinguished
representatives of this community, much appreciated on Lake Geneva's "Riviera" _The
religion of Vladimir Nabokov, novelist_
(http://www.adherents.com/people/pn/Vladimir_Nabokov.html) _www.adherents.com/.../Vladimir_Nabokov.html_


_Encyclopedia of Russian History _
(http://www.encyclopedia.com/Encyclopedia+of+Russian+History/publications.aspx?pageNumber=1) | 2004 |STRAVINSKY,
IGOR FYODOROVICH...[ ] Among the most influential composers of the
twentieth century, Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky epitomized the new prominence of
Russian emigré creative artists and their presence on the international scene
in the years following the 1917 Revolution. Like the contributions of his
emigré colleague writer Vladimir Nabokov and choreographer George
Balanchine-Stravinsky's enormous contribution to his art significantly altered the
course of twentieth-century music. Stravinsky's compositions encompass
every important musical trend of the period (neonationalism, neoclassicism, and
serialism, to name a few) and include examples of all the major Western
concert genres (opera, ballet, symphony, choral works, solo works, and
numerous incidental works, including a polka for circus elephants).

In a blog, I found a profusion of links bt. Stravinski, Diaghilev and
Nicolas Nabokov [ For example: Cf.Os Anos Loucos - Capítulo 9: A Maré Báltica
Marcadores: Boris Kochno, Coco Chanel, Igor Markevitch, Igor Stravinski,
Katherine Mansfield, Nicolas Nabokov, Sergei Diaghilev, Sergei Prokofiev,
Vernon Dukelski _Anos Loucos: Os Anos Loucos - Capítulo 9: A Maré Báltica_


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