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Re: "Gods" by VN to be performed at Edinburgh Festival Fringe
I wonder does Alexis know this from the start of Look at the Harlequins!, ch 2:

"What kind of childhood did you have, McNab'' (as Ivor insisted on calling me because I looked, he thought, like the haggard yet handsome young actor who adopted that name in the last years of his life or at least fame)?
Brian Boyd

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[EDNOTE. Meghan Vicks forwards this announcement about a production. -- SES.]
From: Alexis Macnab <<>>
Hello friends!
I'm writing to you as a select few of my friends and colleagues who are

1) writers,
2) academics,
3) know writers and academics
4) might be able to pass this on to English departments around the country who want to promote literature adaptations for the stage.

This summer, I am taking a multi-media stage adaptation of the short story "Gods" by Vladimir Nabokov to perform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It's a big deal. First of all, the Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world, and presenting work there is a chance to connect with a global audience. Second, "Gods" is easily one of the most beautiful things written in the English language and IT DESERVES TO BE SHOWCASED! It's a little-known short-short by Nabokov, and we're going to shine a giant-floodlight-special on it and try to get 13 sold-out houses to see it this August in Scotland!

I'm wondering if you know of any Nabokov scholars, or just even lovers!, who might be willing to support the show. ANY support is appreciated, and support comes in many forms. If I could just get the word spread about the piece, so that English departments and/or Nabokov enthusiasts knew about it I would be so thrilled! The story is extraordinary, and I'm very happy with the show we've created around it. It would be ideal if folks could come see it, but any vote of confidence goes a long way! More info is below.

This is a link to the current teaser trailer for the show:
And this is our IndieGoGo fund-raising campaign:

Thank you,
Alexis Macnab <<>>

CalArts Festival Theater presents GODS, Vladimir Nabokov’s exquisite short story in lush storytelling, movement and video. A couple copes with the death of their infant son by delving into the beauty of the world. A picture of grief, resilience, and how tragedy opens our eyes to unspeakable beauty, Gods takes us on an emotionally redemptive journey. A young writer strolls with his wife on a beautiful afternoon, telling her wild fables to lighten her heavy heart. This intimate and heartbreaking monologue is illuminated by physical storytelling and richly layered video projection in an exploration of what we say when words are not enough. Lead by Alexis Macnab ("beyond amazing"<>), the creator of last year’s Hôtel de l’Avenir, (“spellbinding,” "a real treat," “FOUR STARS”) at last year’s Fringe, this team of devisers returns to Edinburgh with their own style of hybrid and personal performance.
On our campaign:

Matthew Bamberg-Johnson, Genevieve Gearhart and Alexis Macnab are part of group of kindred artists who met at The California Institute of the Arts. We have been brought together by our love for and belief in collaborative development, hybrid and cross-genre art forms, and a commitment to challenging ourselves and our techniques to create unique and innovative work. This piece was further inspired by a show we all saw last summer at the Fringe, and as we bring it to Scotland we are fulfilling the greatest goal that artists set for each other: to make work that inspires thoughts, feelings, and an artistic dialogue spanning across nations, culture and media. "Everything in the world is beautiful, but Man only recognizes beauty if he sees it either seldom or from afar" - from GODS by Vladimir Nabokov. Our job as artists is to create instances for the beauty of the world to be framed so that it is RECOGNIZED.
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