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Publ: Lol ita: Exami ning "he U nderside o f the Weav e" - Miran\n da n\\udcb03

Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that issue #3 of Miranda, dedicated to Lolita, is now online:


Table of Contents:

Lolita: Examining "the Underside of the Weave" / Lolita : Examiner "l'envers de la toile" (Ed. Marie Bouchet - November 2010)

Introduction. Marie BOUCHET

Shadows and Counterpoints / Ombres et contrepoints

Lolita, I Presume; On a Character Entitled "Lolita". Susan Elizabeth SWEENEY

Lolita, ou "l'ombre d'une branche russe". Etude de l'auto-traduction. Agnès EDEL-ROY

Music and Songs in Lolita, Novel and Film. Marie BOUCHET

"Shadow of a Double: Taking a Closer Look at the Opening of Kubrick's Lolita". Lara DELAGE-TORIEL

Following the Tracks / Suivre les traces

Traces du film noir dans Lolita, Stanley Kubrick, 1962. Cristelle MAURY

Play hard : enjeux des jeux dans Lolita. René ALLADAYE

"Putting the geography of the United States into motion": Kubrick’s Lolita as an American Travelogue. Zachary BAQUE

The leitmotif racket in Lolita—marginal notes on Nabokov's use of motifs. Ole NYEGAARD

Lifting the Veil / Lever le voile

"Nymphets do not occur in polar regions" : lectures du stéréotype dans Lolita de Vladimir Nabokov. Yannicke CHUPIN

Editorial In(ter)ference: Errata and Aporia in Lolita. Bruce STONE

A "Safely Solipsized" Life: Lolita as Autobiography Revisited. Anna MORLAN

Reviews / Recensions

Srdjan Smajic, Ghost-Seers, Detectives and Spiritualists: Theories of Vision in Victorian Literature and Science. Laurence TALAIRACH-VIELMAS

Jason Marc Harris, Folklore and the Fantastic in Nineteenth-Century British Fiction. Laurence TALAIRACH-VIELMAS

Fabienne Moine, Poésie et identité féminines en Angleterre : le genre en jeu (1830-1900). Isabelle HERVOUET-FARRAR

Peter Parshall (ed.), The Darker Side of Light - Arts of Privacy 1850-1900. Muriel ADRIEN

Michael W. Cole and Rebecca Zorach (eds), The Idol in the Age of Art - Objects, Devotions and the Early Modern World. Muriel ADRIEN


Miranda n°1 : Variations on Darwin
Miranda n°2 : Women and 20th Century Warfare

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