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forthcoming article on ADA
"Аз, буки, веди: Красный цветок зла в 'Аде' Набокова" ("The Red Flower of Evil in Nabokov's Ada") is scheduled to appear on December 7 in the online magazine Topos.

Btw., I notice that my Russian article on Van Veen's "real" name (I thought it was lost) is available in Topos: http://topos.ru/articles/1003/03_02.shtml

Re the "amalgram," no, "analgam," in my post of a couple of days ago, here are two other interesting possibilities:

alma mater + inn = material + Mann = Mantel + Marina (Mann means "man," Mantel, "topcoat," in German)

Alexey Sklyarenko

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