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Re: News about The Nabokovian -- get well soon to Steve Parker
[EDNOTE. Priscilla Meyer, who edits the "Annotations & Queries" section of The Nabokovian, sends the following news about Steve Parker. Let me take this occasion to encourage all Nabokovians to join the International Vladimir Nabokov Society, entitling them to a free subscription to this journal, or encourage research libraries to join as institutional members. -- SES.]
Steve Parker broke his ankle in Chicago a few weeks ago, and writes that"if all goes well I should be back to normal walking in about 6 more weeks. The next issue of the Nabokovian will not appear until some time in January or early February."We wish him a speedy recovery!--Priscilla
JM: Perhaps other non-Americans find it problematic, as I do, to subscribe to The Nabokovian, or to Nabokov Studies, because payments cannot be made directly using credit-cards. Is there some hope that we'll soon be able to contribute to the Vladimir Nabokov Society without resorting to complicated burocratic procedures that allow us to send money abroad?
I'm happy to hear from Priscilla Meyer that The Nabokovian shall soon be walking around the world, as usual.

Sandy Klein sends http://english.ruvr.ru/2010/11/29/35879972.html :The publication of the book "The Original of Laura " became the main literary sensation of 2009. But the mystery is that the music for the ballet "Laura" appeared before that. "The ballet "Laura" came to me in May 2008. I have no idea who brought it, my inspiration or the Hand of God". Russian composer David Krivitsky, who unfortunately passed away last summer, wrote these words in the preface to his score.. Famous choreographer Yelena Bogdanovich agreed to stage the ballet. She is a well-known master and the winner of numerous theatrical prizes. In her interview for "The Voice of Russia" she pointed out that Vladimir Nabokov's son, who decided to publish the novel, considers it the epitome of the writer's thought. This is also true of the ballet, says the choreographer. "The main idea of the ballet is the Creator, that is an artist in the general sense of the word, his soul and its transformation through love, - says Yelena Bogdanovich. - According to Nabokov, the highest artistic revelations are associated with a plunge into intimacy. This is why the main topic of the ballet is Laura and her relations with the Creator."
JM: TOoL and a prophetic ballet "Laura" represent the "epitome of the writer's thought," in that readers and spectators can witness the intimate "transformation through love" by "Laura and her relations with the Creator" ? Good news: "Vladimir Nabokov's autographed unfinished manuscript of "The Original of Laura," scrawled out by the venerable Russian author on index cards...sold for $124,334" http://www.artinfo.com/news/story/36435/an-ipad-forebear-sells-at-christies-but-alan-turings-papers-fail-despite-help-from-google/
And the best news from Sandy's batch: "Novelist Vladimir Nabokov's love letters written to his wife, Vera, reveal a new side to one of the 20th century's best-loved authors.
More than 300 letters have been collected by the Nabokovs' son, Dmitry, and are to be published in English next year". http://sify.com/news/vladimir-nabokov-s-unpublished-love-letters-released-news-international-kl2mEobbafc.html

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